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Youth Hockey
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Re: Letting kids go

Reminds me of a Sgt Hulka story from years ago. Kids were on a pretty good tournament team which he coached and the last day after try-outs he cut a couple pretty good kids (maybe Squirt Major or Peewee minor). One kid had multiple offers to go to a better program but Sgt Hulka promised him a spot so the kid turned down the offers. Now the kid was cut and the other team was all filled up so the parent called Sgt Hulka and said "WTF." Sgt Hulka explained to the dad, "I had to put this kid on because his dad put a roof on my dad's house last month, and I had to put this kid on so his younger brother would stay with the program, I had to put this kid on because he has been with the program since we started it..." and the list went on-and-on. Laughable.