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Re: 05 Junior Friars

Heading into their 4th year in existence and now third different coach. Team should play in the B division in town league. Perfect example of what is wrong with Tier 1 hockey. You'd be a fool to play for the Friars, terrible at every level. But the parents egos would never let them return to being Edgewood.

Not true. the 05 tier 1 coach is being ousted, this will be their first change on this team. I think the rest of your post is spot on.

1st year they existed the coach left, went to town, he's a HS coach in RI.. The same guy last 2 years and now another new coach that makes 3.. Funny part is the guys who run the friars took the team over and some of the coaches who were asked to step down are keeping there kids there. How stupid do they look?

Also, heard the fees are going up significantly per MS. He wants 1 tier 1 team in RI to feed the caps. Rumor is 3000+ plus for the tier 1 friar team's. They're not telling anyone the fees for next year yet.. But those Crannnston people will pay it!

what's up with the Caps and the Friars anyways? I know the Caps and North Stars have an official partnership but it seems like the Friars and Caps have an unofficial one. Seems like someone is trying to do their best at controlling all of RI hockey.

Re: 05 Junior Friars

that is exactly what they are trying to do. They are using the Friars and Northstars as feeder teams in Tier 1 to supplement the Caps. They believe there is only room for 1 Elite team in RI and are trying to pull kids from all over the northern part of the state to supplement that. biggest issue is most of the best players wont leave their town organizations so at best the Caps "Elite" team can not compete in the elite division. Records speak for themselves. I think one team over 500 in elite and maybe 2 in tier 1.

Re: 05 Junior Friars

The agreement is DF lets them use the friar name and they pay the caps for each player. The caps bring in anywhere between 40,000 to 50,000 per year. Its like a drug they are so addicted they cant get off it. Same for Woonsocket, give them a little of the drug and they sell their soul for it.

Re: 05 Junior Friars

yes finally some truth!!!!