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Re: Can't grasp the talent level at many private teams

There is nothing wrong with playing on your top town team if it is a strong program but you should also supplement that with a club team even as an alternate, especially at squirt major and above.

Re: Can't grasp the talent level at many private teams

Many on this thread are way off. My son has played town hockey (in a strong town hockey program )and EHF tier one (black) for several years. consistently his town team just doesn't have the practice time and commitment from the players on the team. The two teams / leagues could not be more different. His club team makes play after play, is more physical, plays like a team and the coaching is better. The town team can't execute a lot of simple basic plays consistently and they don't know how to move the puck.

Yes there are plenty of good kids that only play town, but it's hard to be ready of HS hockey playing town only. In my experience, there are 1-2 kids on most tier one teams that could play at the elite level.