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Youth Hockey
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Re: 06 Provicence Capitals

O.K. I'll grant you that. Good decision by you. You know your kid and it wasn't for him so move on. But no need to trash the guy (if we're talking about the same guy) because others (including myself) have had good experiences for the most part and my kid went on to be a pretty good player partially because of him. Then again he didn't play for him until he was 10 and I will say the guys size does intimidate a lot of little kids.

Different coach for us. Just telling our personal experience that may validate what others are complaining about

Re: 06 Provicence Capitals

If two teachers were throwing F- bombs at each other in a classroom what would happen. Parents would be outraged. Buts its ok for the commissioner of the league and the owner of the caps to throw F.. bombs at each other during a practice.

Re: 06 Provicence Capitals

The 06 Caps have more important things to worry about

Re: 06 Provicence Capitals

like what summer vacation