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Re: 05 EHF Championship

I find it funny that the islanders that finished second are cutting four kids. Not my kids just find it interesting and wandering why those kids are getting cut. Islanders was a solid team this year.

You don't need 13 studs to finish 2nd in the EHF. Don't you think the team is carried by the top 4-5 kids and the rest can be improved upon? Maybe even that the bottom 4-5 are in over their head and would be better served playing somewhere where they'll get a regular shift?

BTW I have no idea of the makeup of this team so it could be top 2-3 kids/bottom 2-3 kids. I'm not calling anyone's kid out.

Re: 05 EHF Championship

Great reply if the reason cutting those kids is for their benefit. Didn't think of that. You are also correct that you don't need 13 studs to finish second in ehf.

Re: 05 EHF Championship

When do the Ice and Eagles square off in the tournament of champions?? That would be a good battle as the two top teams in the MA 05 square off...........Oh yeah they already played.

Re: 05 EHF Championship

Please stop. Your kid is not elite because he does not play in the EHF.

He would be better off playing Top Gun, Bandits, Kings, Terriers, Falcons, Breakers...then and only then would he be considered elite.