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Re: Kingdom....has fallen

Happens more than you think. Once checking starts, a lot of the kids can't take it and either stop playing or are just not what they were because they can't skate end to end without getting blown-up. They will either get used to it and figure it out or move on to another sport.

Re: Kingdom....has fallen

You have really messed it up when you go from being "the" place to play to "the" place to run from. Not changing out coaches and focusing on development does that to a program. Congrats boys, the Terriers are now much, much better than you across the board. To make matters worse, your tier 1 program is is even more shambles.

Got to be willing to make moves in the off season, if you aren't willing to make moves then won't make any progress into new season.

Re: Kingdom....has fallen

06 goalie was tough to watch

06 goalie? The whole team was tough to watch. Most of these players are mid to high range tier 1 players probably 85% of the team, including the old coaches kid and the other coaches kid. They should really consider the 2 tier 1 team approach until they build up the elite team again. It's just not what it used to be.

Kingdumb is crumbling.