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Re: 2002 kingdom

Top 6 D in the league c'mon? the kid leaving is better than anyone they have or are getting

Goalie agreed

Re: 2002 kingdom

The rich get richer: SSK, IHC, MMF, & BSB all retooling and getting even better for U14 season. It's ridiculous

Re: 2002 kingdom

BSB blew up. 3 to SSK and 6 or 7 to BJT.

Re: 2002 kingdom

it seems they need more offense after this weekend's power outage. Not the offensive power they have been in the past. The Flames and Islanders will handle them next year.

You mean the now goalie-less Islanders?

Re: 2002 kingdom

Bunch of idiots arguing about ur 13 yr old kids pretty sad