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Re: Vermont Glades

Just please tell me a 3 hr trek to VT and back for a 45 min hockey game is not in the plans.

F Enfield too.

Usually they bundle two games together. If you're lucky, they are before 10/15 and you get a nice fall trip out of it.

Be happy with what we have here in Massachusetts and be thankful we only have one or two of these treks per year (for league games). Almost anywhere else in North America the concentration of AAA/Elite level teams is so low that you either have to travel excessively or play the same teams over and over again.

Definitely should be doubleheaders.

Re: Vermont Glades

Maybe they need to secede from the Social Republic of Vermont and join the rest of the hockey world in Massachusetts?

Re: Vermont Glades

Did not mind driving up there ONCE this year for 2 games on a Saturday...they were competitive at the 03 and 04 years this year (qualified for E9) but if they don't qualify next year I won't lose any sleep over it!