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Re: Boch - League


Re: Boch - League

They are out.

Re: Boch - League

i was told at tryouts that boch was playing in BHL again next season. Bhl site now shows all program logos and boch is not on there. WTF is going on?

If the organization cannot tell you which league they will be competing in next year at this late stage in the game, that is terrible. If you don't have a kid on a Boch team and therefore have nobody to ask, then you are a troll.

Re: Boch - League

Playing in the BHL. Everyone was asking the same question last year and the year before and the year before that. Boch is in the BHL.

Re: Boch - League

If it is almost April and you still have not chosen a league than you go with the best one that will have you! Just like picking a presidential candidate or a late night hookup.

Re: Boch - League

This year Boch is moving all teams to the Valley League. Didn't have the money to pay the year fee for the BHL

Re: Boch - League

Can we get some of these teams to post here The Facts of what they're doing???? As good a 'forum' to do so as any other.