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Re: Nepotism

I only asked the question because I though club hockey was a higher level of play. Apparently I am wrong and select hockey is in fact no different than town.

Re: Nepotism

Not to mention paying 3500 for a season vs half of that to stay in town! Parents can all have issues with coaching and move on if they choose. However, for the money we are paying the clubs should deliver a higher level of play. This means 5-6 roster spots should not be occupied by assistant coaches kids that would not make a town 2 team!

Re: Nepotism

5 or 6 coaches? Who does that? You need 1 head coach and 2 guys to help.

Re: Nepotism

One Head coach and two others who can open each of the doors and don't smell like booze and dirty ashtrays.

Re: Nepotism

it really depends on the team / level / coach.

For instance I know a very well respected organization that the elite team won their league last year and they cut several kids the next year, of the cuts both assistant coaches sons were cut.. then this year I know of a AAA team in the same organization that was "re-tooling" and they cut about 1/2 the team but kept all of the coach's and their friends kids. The kids that were cut were same level as and in some cases better than the kids they kept and no was not due to disciplinary reasons.

really depends!

Re: Nepotism

Sorry your kid got cut.