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Re: 06 Breakers

Breakers will be just fine this year. If you left we wish you the best. The team lost a few players but most teams did. Time to move on to lacrosse folks!

Re: 06 Breakers

Or tennis!

Re: 06 Breakers

Or tennis!

Tennis is a great sport for hockey players and anyone else for that matter.

Re: 06 Breakers

so obvious who this is and yet another example of why your kid was cut. hope you someday realize that you are hurting your kid and as a result you get to enjoy the hour long ride to practice with the Kings each season. time to move on

Thanks but we don't drive to Foxboro for practice. Just know the stories and know the coaches. It is funny that people in the EHF seem to leave the breakers but no one in the EHF is going there.