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Re: 2002 Walpole Express

That guy at the rink
Man, lots of folks trying really hard to make somebody look bad in this thread.

The 02 Express team was ranked 7th in Massachusetts by MYH. Ahead of most EHF teams. Right in between the Breakers and Vipers who were 2nd and 3rd in EHF Tier 1.

That's a complete joke! Any EHF Tier 1 team would wipe the floor with this or any other MPDHL team, get real man!

Re: 2002 Walpole Express

How did the NH Monarchs do against elite fed teams and VJW Elite. Lost most but some were competitive. Tier 1 fed is nothing special. My guess is monarchs smash tier 1 fed teams.

Re: 2002 Walpole Express

The Express also were lucky that they didn't have to play the Outlaws Black or Hurricanes this past season. They most likely would have ended up behind both of those teams.

Re: 2002 Walpole Express


Re: 2002 Walpole Express

no, the org. did it all on their own. Call a spade a spade son

Re: 2002 Walpole Express

Barletta worked the parity schedule so he wouldn't have to play the Monarchs, Outlaws or Hurricanes as he knew he wouldn't qualify. He then voted to have less teams in the top division so he could try and win it. Premier division better than Tier 1 Fed Black and BHL.

Re: 2002 Walpole Express

Wrong. They played the outlaws, the good one, twice in the parity round and beat them both times, once on the Outlaw's own rink.