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Re: Ranking of MA Youth Leagues

I do not need algorithms, statistical data or computer generated rankings to verify what I have seen, and that is BHL teams that were better than EHF Elite teams this past year.

granted, looking at the entire leagues, the EHF Elite is a better group of teams overall. But there is no doubt that a few "bad" BHL teams were better than a few "bad" EHF Elite teams.

so - the above is nonsense - go watch some games. For the most part you will be asking if you are watching Elite or Tier 1, and there is not much difference between some town A teams and some "elite" teams.

Age and year?

I'd be willing to bet if you're looking at an 04 Elite let's say and have a strong feeling some Town team is just as competitive upon closer review they MAY have an 04 or 2, but they're primarily loaded with 03s.

Think of where those 04 Elite will be with another full year of development. There's your true comparison.