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Re: Cunniff camp

I agree the 01 year and older is where the camp/festival is truly worth it but in speaking for 02/03 kids, those who make it will benefit from experiencing a week away from home, building relationships, following rules/orders, and being evaluated by coaches who know what they are doing and have no history of the kid(s) prior to camp. The kids also leave the camp with an exit interview. This will better prepare them for when they are the age which is further evaluated for National Development Camp.

This is, what I have been told, prepping them for when it matters. I don't disagree with prior comments re: politics. This doesn't necessarily make the camp a bad camp. At least I hope, but ask me after the summer. But for the most part I am happy if my kid comes back from the first overnight happy camp a happy camper, if you know what I mean. For the big picture/long term development I trust the goalie coach/school, not the camp, not the team.

But better kids should be given the opportunity for the camp. Prepping kids that won't end up seeing ice in their town hs team til their jr/sr year?

I am probably the least linked in person when it comes to hockey. comes with being new to it. I don't know half the kids in the tryout, hence I cannot comment on whether they should have made it or not. I only hear good things about the camp, so it can't be that terrible, and means that there are mostly kids that should be there. again my kid is a goalie. but I am a strong believer that any tryout process is inherently flawed and depends heavily on your performance that day. I am glad my kid is in. I believe my kid should be in. I hope it's gonna be a good experience, but I will tell you after.

You seem like a reasonable fellow. Wait until you kid gets jobbed. I don't wish it on anybody but it happens a lot, especially to goalies who are treated like the red headed step child! Enjoy the ride best you can.

Excellent point. Goalies that don't train with the guys doing the selections are behind the eight ball at the start.