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Youth Hockey
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Re: new to E9

The kids that don't pass the puck are the ones that are impacted most by the switch to checking. It's the hockey gods' way of meting out justice.

Exactly. If your kid is one of those types that likes to skate the length of the ice with the puck, he will get blown up when checking starts. So they better learn how to pass and skate with their heads up. See it all the time. Some kids don't mind it and just keep going. But other kids don't like contact at all. And when the kids on the other team figure out that your superstar skater and stickhandler doesn't like contact, they will be hitting him the whole game.

Re: new to E9

It had 4 E9 kids, if that was the most represented E9 team in the tournament (33%) that is not much to brag about.