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Youth Hockey
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Thanks to the people who took time to answer the question. To the others, shame on you for bashing 10 year olds. Do your research....plenty of NHL guys who got cut over and over as youngsters....kept at it....and made a pay day for themselves.
Just keep asking the questions, ignore the 90% of BS responses and focus on the well meaning people. I've learned a ton from talking with other parents as my kid has "climbed the ladder" (yes, it's hard to do, but it absolutely is possible), including, believe it or not, from these Boards. You just have to be willing to suffer the fools.


EMHL is the same as the top level of Town B. The extra money gets you more ice time, a set schedule for the year and probably more chance for tournament play. Like more levels of youth hockey some kids progress past it and some kids don't.