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Youth Hockey
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Re: Who Are The Best 08 Teams At Developing Kids?

The waived fee is an alternative to hiring a coach from outside the organization. At the youth hockey level its almost impossible.

Most coaches spend a significant amount of time on the ice and off the ice..usually amounting to over 100 hours per season. Next time just say thank you to the coach, no matter if he is a Daddy coach or not. If you have a problem with the Daddy coach then change teams.

$35 an hour to skate around and act like I know what I'm talking about? Where do i sign up? I played collage D3 hockey on the third line for one season 20 years ago. I haven't skated since so just ignore the fact that my knees aren't bent when I'm showing kids how to do a "C"cut and I only can backwards crossover to the left. My skate sharpening radius is 9/16" so the kids will think I'm a master skater with the noise my blades make though. I will also waste more time trying to figure out what drill I want to do next then it actually takes to run it. But trust me you're kids will be in good hands and you all should be kissing my ass. Oh and to little johnny's dad I like my coffee black.

Re: Who Are The Best 08 Teams At Developing Kids?

All of the coaches I know (I admit I don't know all of them) in my organization are very qualified coaches. Again if you don't like your coach then find another team....better yet if you played hockey at the D3 college level then should quit ******** and do it yourself.