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Re: MPDHL no longer

Not a chance. Look at the joke of USPHL teams at youth level. Crappy and mid tier 2 teams last year trying to play up. Fed won't fall for this and doesn't change. Sorry.

You are wrong and it is already happening! The major players in the USHL are some of the Major players in the FED. Tier 2 Jr hockey is already making it's way into New England. The wheels are in motion. It probably won't affect you much although your annual tuition is going to go up as are the rest of the lower level players tuition. The good thing is your kid will finally be playing in the top FED league and you can brag at work.

Re: MPDHL no longer

Tier 2 Junior hockey does not have a chance in New England. Jersey Hitmen lost to the Kings today 10 to nothing. Good luck in your new league!

Re: MPDHL no longer

why would any teams leave the FED or E9 to join this league? its not like competition is going to get better on these lower level town teams.

All teams will be able to have an elite and tier 1 team.