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Re: 07 Super Series

Yea 07 parents are crazy for being into their kids division... they should pay the couple of grand, drive to the rinks for 6 months but keep their mouths shut until their kids are real hockey players like the 05 bender i'm sure a loser like you has for taking the time to reply a criticism of an 07 parent asking about 07 teams on a youth hockey board.

Pipe down! You're still 4 years away from real hockey....

Re: 07 Super Series

no one said it was "real" hockey...someone just asked on a youth board how a youth division looks...
what kind of dip **** sees a thread about 07s and feels the need to respond with some nonsense criticizing the poster. my kid might not be playing "real" hockey for 4 more years but your a pathetic loser today.

Re: 07 Super Series

They are babies, so splash some cold water on your face and calm down a little.

And if you don't know the Islanders are the favorite, then I guess you *have* been going to the rink for 6 months and not opening your mouth...or your eyes.

Re: 07 Super Series

The favorite is the team with the most kids who can tie their own skates !

Re: 07 Super Series

How is it possible that the top teams in almost all divisions seemed to miss out on playing each other? 3 legit teams (1 more so than the other 2) in the 2007 division and they miss out on playing each other. What is the point of getting out of bed to go and win a game 19-2??? Unfortunate that neither of these teams were able to play each other and get some value for their money/entrance fee.

Re: 07 Super Series

only way that BA would enter this tournament is if they knew they were not going to play IHC.