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Youth Hockey
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Youth Hockey Survey Results

We got a pretty good sample size...Here are the results;

Link to the questions:

How Do You Judge A Successful Season?
90% said improving skills

What Can Be Done To Make The Game Safer?

29% Better enforcement of the rules
37% More emphasis placed on respect and sportsmanship
24% Emphasize concussion prevention and Heads Up Hockey

What Should Be Done To Make Hockey More Popular?
73% said cut cost

What’s The Biggest Issue In The Game Today?
17% Win-at-all-cost mentality by adults
19% Focus on the level of play - AAA vs…
19% Rising Cost
17% Politics

The Boston Bruins do enough to grow the game in the state?
59% said no

Do you believe within five to ten years, you will the number of rinks increase or decrease?
46% said new rinks will be built, none will close

Do you believe within five to ten years, the following will be gone from the game of hockey?
59% fighting will be gone at every level

Do you believe within five to ten years,the number of youth and high school teams will increase or decrease?
46% believe the number of teams will decrease

What prevents families from signing up their kid for ice hockey?
98% said cost

Do you think the State needs more or less AAA teams?
81% said less

Do you think Mites should be playing full or half ice?
49% said split games and practices

The State of Illinois Allows 4 AAA teams per level - Should this state adapt the same rule?
42% No, 34% Yes

What Makes A Good Coach?
29% Knowledge 27% doesn't yell 20% integrity

What Makes A Bad Coach?
71% doesn't teach

In Minnesota, High School Hockey is the primary focus, should Massachusetts start Elite Fall League before High School season begins and focus on High School Hockey
39% start elite league with 8 teams 29% keep status quo

Head Contact Penalty Should be...
61% 2 and 5 for head,29% 5 Minute Major and Game Ejection