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Re: BA Dominating Super Series

Imagine that huh? Aren't the EHF teams supposed to be better than BA? Isn't that what everyone on this board keeps saying? Oh well, BA 07's are going to go 5-0 and coming in 1st, BA 06's 2-0-3, and BA 05's 4-1.

11-1-3 on the weekend doesn't sound to shabby to me. I guess the only question now is how quickly the E9 teams get disallowed to this event now too because of their success

Are you hitting the crack pipe behind the rink? BA 06 is 1-1-2. Please as always if you are going to post here, make sure you know what you are talking about.

Lost to Eagles 4-1. Scary how OP posted at 7pm on the nose.

1-2-2, should have been 5-0 tho.