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Re: Good Players on Bad teams

I think with the guy is saying is unless your kid is a total stand out and is being recruited by every prep school around leave it alone if the kid is happy. It's not gonna matter much.
That's a cop out. Kids improve a lot from 13 to 16 by working hard and seeking out new opportunities. It's a critical time from a development standpoint. It isn't about "being recruited by every prep school around." It's about putting your kid in a position to make the most out of the years has left.

God, what a bunch of panty waists.

Re: Good Players on Bad teams

Bantam Minor year is a critical year for skills, teamwork and most importantly for the players mindset. Vary rarely do you see a serious injury due to a hit during this year, but getting knocked down 4 or 5 times a game can destroy confidence and a kids mind.
Make sure to work on mental toughness just as much as the physical.