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Re: Best leagues in the country

That depends, if you are talking Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee then there are a lot of leagues far and away better than e9/Fed, including other AA leagues. LCAHL in Michigan, CSDHL in the MidWest, MHL in Minnesota just to name a few.

What Mass has going for it is the total amount of youth hockey players... Mass gets more kids into College and Pros than any other state not named MN because of the volume of skaters. But as far as leagues, other states/regions have better overall teams/leagues due to the concentration of elite players on a relatively small amount of teams and singular leagues that encompass the entire state.

There are too many leagues here in NE so the teams themselves (while having a handful of elite players per roster) are overwhelmingly compromised of kids that would be AA/A players anywhere else in the country.

Once you get to the older age groups and Jrs. it evens-out. The amount of skaters participating drops dramatically and Mass teams are right there with the best in the country.

Re: Best leagues in the country

Mass 4th in NHL players last season according to

Re: Best leagues in the country

Yes, this number fluctuates.. but I also said College, Jrs., and Preps. Plus historically Mass is behind only Canada and and MN when it comes to the pros.

Re: Best leagues in the country

For youth its HPHL then Fed. e9 not even in the mix. USPHL is Tier 2 at youth, complete joke.

For HS kids its Tier 1 by far. Fed is a joke above Bantam Minor.

Re: Best leagues in the country

Not always a joke @ Midgets....usually yes, not always.

Re: Best leagues in the country