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Re: Half Year vs Full Year

My son is an '03 and he is thinking ahead about next year and wanted to see if there was any advice about Half year vs Full year. Do the better players gravitate one way or the other. Are any programs have better half year programs better then others (or is it like the rest and based on the coach)? We live north of Boston. Thanks in advance.

Split season is really just to keep your legs moving. Most teams have little to no practice and the coaching is very minimal--really just door openers. This goes for the "best" programs as well as the "worst". Full-season at U14 in Mass is pretty bad too. There are just too many teams and the talent is spread too thin, but at least there is some coaching (depending on the program) and practices. The Boston Advantage is the only program in Mass that is part of the T1EHL, which is probably the best league in the country. Beware, though, that the amount they travel is ridiculous. Mass full-season teams, including the Advantage, generally can't compete against teams where club is the only alternative. No way around that.

If he's going prep or one of the public Catholics and you can get him into the NEFPHL minor division for the split season next year at least he'd get a pretty good level of competition before the season starts. No coaching, though. Its out of Salem, NH.

If he's playing public, it doesn't really matter what he does beforehand--he'll still be doing more than most of the other kids.

Re: Half Year vs Full Year

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