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Youth Hockey
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Re: 06 MHR

List guy_________ MHR
MMF_________ MMF #2
BJT_________ IHC #5
IHC_________ VJW #18
MFF_________ TG #21
VJW_________ BJE #22
BJE_________ BSB #23
BA_________ CAPS #29
BSB_________ BA #34
CAPS_________ RIFLES #38
TG_________ SPARTANS #40

BJT and MFF didnt have 5 scores entered and were not ranked by MHR. What you guys think? MMF knocked out of the 1 spot for team Illinois?

Who cares it's 10 year old diaper hockey. Sorry you never made the team growing up. MHR is a joke. Get back to work.

These people care so please go away and find a job instead of trolling a youth hockey board in grammy's basement.

Good job answering your own post. If people cared that much there would be a ton of activity on this thread.