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Re: 05 MHR vs List Guy

My kid is in EHF.

List Guy
Its a great point and it is why the E9 teams have a hard time moving up list. The strength of schedule becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and likewise in the EHF. That is why it is a great tool, but not the only tool.

Thanks for insight

Nothing like head-to-head competition to determine the better team. As you say, results move the list. Which is why it's too bad that there is not more inter-league play in New England. MHR gets you in the ballpark, but the lack of inter-league play makes comparisons between the two leagues more difficult than it should be.

Again. Sorry your kid can't crack an EHF roster. EHF = Superior. Check the implosion list for possible landing spots.

You dont want your kid on implosion teams! Parents suck, coaches suck, kids are spoiled, back biting everywhere, jealousy, cant meet expectations, win games but really lose, just not alot of fun...a lot of drama though! Better off having Little Johnny sit in front of the tv and watch Days of Our Lives or Young and the Restless! It would be the same drama! Good kuck this weekend! I am sure you will be miserable...