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Re: Lake Placid

We did a father/son camp when he was 9. We both had a great time, he totally understood what the history was all about and was wide eyed about it. Not sure why anyone would think kids don't care about Miracle on Ice, thanks to the movie. IMO they can relate a lot more to a bunch of college kids than they can to NHL stars. He wore an Eruzione jersey we got him for Christmas one year throughout his mite and squirt years.

Re: Lake Placid

Closest most will get to the olympics and I always look forward to lake placid pub and brewery. It's like playing in Toronto and going to the hall of fame.

Re: Lake Placid

Went last year with Town. Fun take. 2 games on 80 rink.

Going this year with club. Games on 80 rink too. I think it all depends on whatever functions are going on at the same time. They are some of the best people I've ever dealt with in hockey and a quick phone call solves all questions.

We've had a blast up there and that's why we're going for 2. To each their own.