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05 Elite Weekend Preview

Just a quick preview for the week.

1.) BJE vs. MMF - Winner either stays #1 or becomes #1
2.) IHC vs. Caps - IHC should want to vindicate themselves. Win and either result of BJE vs. MMF and you move up. I can hear you now..."we are #1"..maybe.
3.) Patriots vs. Jr. Rangers - Again the E9 is taking shape. Patriots should take it.
4.) Jr. Rangers vs. VJW - The Rangers have a chance to define themselves this weekend. Two hard games, but telling games. VJW win and move up.

To all parents and players everywhere...Good Luck!

Re: 05 Elite Weekend Preview

Thanks Eagles dad!

Re: 05 Elite Weekend Preview

Get a life....

Re: 05 Elite Weekend Preview

No $hit. List guy get a life. Kids are 11.