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Re: AAU taking over

Not happening here, and USA hockey already changed the designations for next year to match

8U (ages 8 and younger)
9U (ages 9 and younger)
10U (ages 10 and younger)
11U (ages 11 and younger)
12U (ages 12 and younger)
13U (ages 13 and younger)
14U (ages 14 and younger)
15U (ages 15 and younger)
16U (ages 16 and younger)
17U (ages 17 and younger)
18U (ages 18 and younger)

AAU is trying to compete with USAH and be an alternative. So leagues and organizations would have to switch. Kind of like Pop Warner and AYF in football. I'm sure it there will be some differences in them but I doubt it will be anything big.

Re: AAU taking over

The reason it wont happen is because of ice time. These leagues have ice time wrapped up.

What I think you might see is a coach or two take there team to AAU that is sick of the program owners and their rules. Under the AAU umbrella the coach can put together a team, play a limited AAU schedule, but go really heavy on Super Series or other better tournaments. More travel but better competition.

Re: AAU taking over

The old independent true AAA route teams have taken in the past. Not a bad call and I'm sure other local teams will scrimmage them at the older ages at least.