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Re: EHF - Frauds

Why can't the Fed just call it what it is? Why would they call their tier 2 teams tier 1? Egomaniac losers.

USA Hockey designates four skill levels:

Tier 1: The Highest Level of Competition, commonly called "AAA", following the Canadian system.

Tier 2: The Next Higher Level of Competition, commonly called "AA" or "A", following the Canadian system.

Tier 3: The Next Higher Level of Competition (Not all districts use this designation), may also be called "A", the lowest level of competitive hockey.

Recreational/Developmental: Includes House League and Select (House All-Star) Teams. May be called "B", "C", etc.

Shut up. All leagues have their divisions you idiot. What about e9/bhl and there "elite" or "select". Then you have town a, b, b1,b2, c. There is something for everyone. Who cares what it's called. It's called hockey. Wether it's good or bad hockey, kids are having fun and not sitting in front of the Xbox. Leave the kids alone and enjoy the game.

Re: EHF - Frauds

Why does mass hockey allow town A teams to compete for a tier 2 championship? The allow B teams compete for tier 3 and beyond. The rating system in mass is stupid at all levels. Like people have said millions of times on these boards, focus on getting a good coach for your kid, worry less about wins and rankings.