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Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 4

No excuses, but I've heard Lovell and Rifles both added improved players to their teams this year

LK are essentially the same group that went winless three years ago. LK replaced one player - probably an even swap and added one player - good pickup. That's it, exact same roster other than that. They have basically had the same group for three years now, the program is just doing a good job developing their players at this level. Before you jump down my throat I don't have a kid on the team, I have watched as my son's team has gone from dismantling the LK every time we met to struggling against them and now losing to them. I've talked to parents from that team every time we have played them - they all are happy with the program and the way their kids have developed and they all say the roster has basically been the same since mites.

Re: 06 E9 Power Rankings - Week 4

same story at wiz....geting better and developing their players