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Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

Not anon
Paul Simon
Still crazy after all these years...

Four in the morning
Crapped out
Longing my life away
I'll never worry
Why should I?
It's all gonna fade

That was starting to sound like an IHC excuse list

Or BJE excuse list...

Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

Should be a great, dramatic weekend with the EHF tournament...good luck teams!

Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

About as expected this weekend. BJE continue to struggle. Today should give us an idea to any list movement. I cant imagine the pressure those boys are under to perform and win. Not making the playoffs would be bad for top ehf teams.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

IHC and MMF did not have a good weekend.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

IHC and MMF did not have a good weekend.

Not IHC's fault. Tough schedule. BJE still imploding.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

Reg Carling
1a - Adv Ice - amazing fall. hero to zero. parents are already praying for March. Long season when you belong in another league.

1b - BJE - cannot win against solid teams with depth. Long season when your accustomed to winning then all of sudden you can only beat weak teams.

TG - Maverick and Goose are looking at each other saying "which way did he go, which way to he go"? Pressure mounting here.

PC - could only score 2 goals against second worst defense. not as good your parents think you are. a strong indicator towards implosion.

IHC - Should have smoked both teams this weekend. 10 forwards. not a good recipe when 3 of the 10 play half the game.

VJW - High expectations with an improved line up but same inconsistency.

Don't Forget the Greater Boston Vipers....I know no one cares but they earned it.....