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Youth Hockey
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Re: Tier I 06 White Div

they say history repeats itself...... Same lame coach....

Actually, the coach that started the tradition for that age group is now the door opener for 05s which is also why most 06 players ran far, far away

Re: Tier I 06 White Div

And how about 2 kids getting tossed from this weekends games? How did they even have enough to play? 20+ penalties. What are they teaching them over there. Refs wouldn't let them shake hands. Crazy Bandits Moms screaming at the Huskies as they came off the ice. Disgraceful !

Re: Tier I 06 White Div

Saw a pic from the game this weekend.

4 kids in the penalty box. No kids on the bench.


Re: Tier I 06 White Div

All starts with the Coach, he's totally clueless.