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Re: Does it help?

No, but you spelled approach the wrong way. Don't worry about kissing anyone's ass, how could you anyway? You post on the d board every 5 seconds.

OK, spelling police. Feel better about yourself now? Even you should be able to tell that was a typo, not an incorrectly spelled word. Especially with the grammatical format of your sentences

Does a typo negate incorrect spelling? I feel like a word is either spelled correctly or it isn't... Before you get butt hurt, calm down lots of people have trouble with spelling you stupid beatoff

uhmm, yes, lots of people have trouble with spelling, hence defending the first OP's TYPO. Not butt hurt, actually, don't even know hat that means. And I'm confused, your justifying his pointing out a spelling mistake but telling me to calm down about spelling. I suspect reading comprehension may be a skill you are lacking sir. My point...OPs post was very clear, no need to point out a misspelled word or a typo you stupid beatoff

Uhm only has one m. Your should be you're. There should be a ; after spelling. TYPO should not be all capitals. There should be an I'm before Not, hat is missing a w and there shouldn't be a comma after hurt. How do you know you aren't butt hurt if you don't know what that means? Your should be you're. Are you sure you didn't mean reading comprehension may be a skill your lacking ? Your (You're?) the one who pointed out grammatical format (or did you mean structure?). The spell checking is just a bonus you get for entertaining me .

Hahaha, yah don't be mad bruh! Pay attention, you might get better at spelling! Awesome

Re: Does it help? does misspelling help your hot wife suck up to the coach?

Re: Does it help?

Anon does misspelling help your hot wife suck up to the coach?

Boy, can't actually believe I'm saying this but I'd rather read "sorry your kid got cut" over and over than you ladies and your grammar corrections

Re: Does it help?

Sorry your kid can't spell.

Re: Does it help?

sorry your kid's slydexic - try intentionally spelling the words wrong, at least you have a shot at spelling them right