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Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

IHC and MMF did not have a good weekend.

Not IHC's fault. Tough schedule. BJE still imploding.

Re: 05 Implosion list week 4

Reg Carling
1a - Adv Ice - amazing fall. hero to zero. parents are already praying for March. Long season when you belong in another league.

1b - BJE - cannot win against solid teams with depth. Long season when your accustomed to winning then all of sudden you can only beat weak teams.

TG - Maverick and Goose are looking at each other saying "which way did he go, which way to he go"? Pressure mounting here.

PC - could only score 2 goals against second worst defense. not as good your parents think you are. a strong indicator towards implosion.

IHC - Should have smoked both teams this weekend. 10 forwards. not a good recipe when 3 of the 10 play half the game.

VJW - High expectations with an improved line up but same inconsistency.

Don't Forget the Greater Boston Vipers....I know no one cares but they earned it.....