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Youth Hockey
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Re: 05 Elite Week 5

05 TG goalie will be in prison when he is 18. Everybody can clearly see that. But look at the bright side. Mom and Dad only have to go down the road to visit him at the house of correction.🤔

You are such a loser. Hopefully admin pulls this and bans you.

Hopefully ME sees this post before it is pulled and fires that Joe-ker head coach who wrote it.

Re: 05 Elite Week 5

Wondering if ME ever ran a cori check on this freak of a coach Cuz what he wrote is so far from the truth it's scary. If I was this kids parents, I would be scared. Sounds like this toolbag is obsessed with their kid.Get over it, he quit your team.

Re: 05 Elite Week 5

ME loves that coach he is loyal to him

Re: 05 Elite Week 5

No idea what you're talking about. He's a good kid. Jealousy brings out the craziness in people, that's for sure.

Re: 05 Elite Week 5

The Coach was not the one that wrote that. I do find it hilarious that you still try to blame him though. Time to move on.