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Re: Team can't win!

They tied again.

I just looked because curiosity got me.


Someone should tell the coach about the board and that way he might learn something.

Re: Team can't win!

Late in the 3rd period when the game is tied the coach should pull the goalie and go all in!!!!

Re: Team can't win!

Coach should manage the team better so they have gas in the tank at the end! Double shifting as much as he does?

Not a good manager?

Re: Team can't win!

probably because your son sucks at hockey

Re: Team can't win!

You really think it matters? Any of this? The wins...the losses? First of all a majority of you clueless parents will be lucky if you see your kid play for their local highschool let alone a legitimate program... I'm not talking about the god **** catholic schools that everyone gets hard over... I'm talking about real prep or junior hockey... get a clue you ass hats and enjoy the small amount time you have left to watch your kid play.
Whiny ***** dads that have no clue... go talk to him yourself and stop complaining about the coach... your kid is the one who you need to look at. Is he working hard is he commited does he go in a CORNER... I'm guessing your superstar tier 1 player gets exactly what he should... a nice spot on the bench. Get a clue you half ass townie and let the fn coach do his job... you loved him when you signed that contract last spring didn't you... go drink in the parking while your wife wears those yoga pants she knows I love

Re: Team can't win!

Too early to be drinkin' that much. Take a nap Francis and we can get back to this when you come-to around noon.

Re: Team can't win!

You pay three grand for tier1 Hockey the coach should let everyone play! Obviously the coach can't close the game or finish it so just let everyone play.

Re: Team can't win!

when does 500 mean not winning? What do you want? Doesn't mean anything anyway. You sound like the parent who shops his kid around every year for a winning team. That does not mean your kid will play or get better just because they are on a winning team

Re: Team can't win!

The original poster/parent asked why weren't they winning. It's the coaches fault. Double shifting at the end of the game the lines are gassed because he's not using his bench.

The original poster asked why aren't they winning?

He probably wouldn't mind if they lost half the games at least his kid would be playing.

Sorry coach it's your fault

Re: Team can't win!

you people are quick to judge about a team that ties games. what if they are coming back from behind to tie games. That shows they are working hard and refuse to lose - i would think.. they might not be blowing leads did you ever think of that. plus if you look at all the tier 1 03 teams in the black division most of the teams have 3 or more ties. Why dont you rip them apart also?

Re: Team can't win!

your team just suck at hockey, find a new hobby quick