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Re: Best 05 Coaches


$3750 tuition for season
$1500 Summer Camp
$90 Team bag
$165 Team Gloves and Shells
$50 jersey with name plate
$175 X3 Tournament entry fees
$1000+++++ Hotels, Travel, Etc

What team is this? Are you guys all getting soaked for these additional expenses? Ours is $3,300 all in, except for travel expenses. I guess the team gear is extra, but you can pass on all that garbage.

Not at those inflated numbers

3500 tuition
500 Summer Camp
75 bag
150 for actual pants and gloves
0 for home/away jerseys socks and practice jerseys
all thee tourneys are under 100 for entrance

but the travel with hotels and fuel is probably well over the G

Re: Best 05 Coaches

What 05 coach is good all around ?

Gerry Sweeney 05 BJR