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Re: next year 8th grader playing u14

put his equipment on EBAY- it's over

Re: next year 8th grader playing u14

Can you recommend a program that your u14 team plays against? I have not had a player play u14 before so I am not familiar with the various orgs and I really thought I would have another year to figure it out. Looking for good coaching/org and good competition. Also, should I be looking for full season or half season team. I am thinking full season.
Starting to wonder if this is genuine.

If he's going into 8th grade, why would you think half season would work? Where will he play after Thanksgiving?

It also seems like you've already made up your mind. Why would you think you are going to get good coaching and competition on a select team? Program's top teams get those things.

Have to wonder if you just want to be able to say your kid is so good he's "playing up." I've certainly met "those parents."

Re: next year 8th grader playing u14

Negative.. It's legitimate. If he played 1/2 season then he would do plenty of skills during the winter. If he plays full season that would be fine too if the team was a good fit. I haven't made up my mind and have no interest in telling anyone my kid plays up. I am simply looking for somethig a little different than him playing against the same kids he's been playing against. He is also very strong and loves the physical play. Like I said, this is my first go around with that age group and don't know the particulars. Also pretty quiet at the rink and don't ask around a lot.