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Expectations for developing players

What are reasonable expectations for development? As parent of a 03 who plays in the EHF since birth, what should I expect at this point? Are there levels of development I should be looking for?
He can skate at a high level, shoot, pass, score, play PP/ PK. Is that enough or no? PS- He has always had Daddy coaches.

Re: Expectations for developing players

I'd say it's time to have him start attending other try-outs and see if he can handle tournament teams with top kids. Mix it up a bit and see what he's made of.

Re: Expectations for developing players

By mid-squirt years, outside skills coaches become a valuable ssset. The team can only do so much. If you feel good about your kids development, I would say it's time to begin working with outside people now. They should give you a decent assessment of your kid's ability.