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Re: Any rules about girls playing in Elite boys not being allowed to play down with girls?

There is a girl defensman on that team, she happens to have short hair. Very good little player.... and did you just assume someones gender based on their hair ?

and for the record, that Dman's mullet is sweet !!

All these "very good little players" can't compete at the elite level and the only way they make elite teams is if they are charity cases, coaches' daughters or daughters of coaches' friends. You are touching yourself if you think they belong in the elite leagues, they hurt their teams and should make room for a kid that can contribute and help the team. They don't have the strength the speed or the competitive edge to hang with the top level boys- it's just biology. I have been doing this for a long time and never seen a girl play at that level and not hurt their team - sorry PC crybabies, no safe space here, just truth...

Sorry your boy got cut to a girl !

Re: Any rules about girls playing in Elite boys not being allowed to play down with girls?

My daughter plays for a tier 1 girls club team and she recently played a team that had a girl that clearly plays for a high level boys team (wearing pants and helmet stickers for that team, didn't recognize the colors so not sure where she plays). I heard some of the parents saying that the girl isn't even really on the team and plays on a boys team. This girl would just take over the game and it seems kinda ridiculous for her to be playing honestly. Are there rules saying that if a girl is playing at a certain level for boys she can't play girls? I know it's seems mean but it doesn't help either team to have a girl like that out there and I'm not sure why she or her parents even want her to play. I know there are rules like that in boys hockey, about playing down.

Wait until your daughter is a U16/U19 and tryouts for her program are filled with players from all over North America that need a new Sunday only club team close to their prep school. The players from the boys' team will be the least of your problem.