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Re: 05 Fall Classic Tourney Update


What results do have this year as to the EHF beating E9 top teams?

So if you don't have much it must be so because you say it so!

Ill wait

Unfortunately the best I can come up with is that the LAST PLACE EHF Falcons 06 elite team BEAT the 06 Elite Rifles E9 a few times last weekend. The Rifles are in 3rd place in the E9, however the Rifles have beat the 1st and 2nd place teams in E9 this season. Oh and the Rifles also lost to a town team last weekend.

Is that enough information for you?


Re: 05 Fall Classic Tourney Update

We are talking 05. Come on keep up.

Re: 05 Fall Classic Tourney Update

Winning matters to the extent the environment if fun which is a prerequisite for development. Kids need to enjoy the game and want to play more because it will get hard, very hard once checking comes into play. Some animal from Flin Flon Manitoba with a elevated compete level has no choice but to play hockey or mine for copper! I would take him all day long.