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Re: Start a New League (Please)

What's the point of having League tournament in the winter if you are only going to play the same teams that you play in the regular season. Elite 9 and EHF need to combine tournaments or just get rid of it.

Dude, it's youth hockey. Don't get yourself worked up. Your bender will be in beer leagues in good time. Just let him play.

yea but those EHF club team bags are a great conversation starter in the Beer League locker rooms, trust me. "oh, what years did you play for _______ ? "yea, I played for ________. "

and in the meantime, they are at the bottom end of their beer league team, just like they were bottom end of their EHF team ten years earlier.

By the way the _______ usually means "Top Gun"

Re: Start a New League (Please)


Re: Start a New League (Please)