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Re: Elite Coaches

If your kid is any good you would NEVER mention to anyone that your kid is on an elite hockey team. My friends with kids that are the best in the state intheir age groups on the top teams ...if you met them at a party you would have a hard time even getting out of them that their kids even play hockey. Definitely not what team & league. The people that brag have mediocre or subpar players. They are tuition payers ...


nah not really. we came a across 06 E9 goalie family a couple of years ago. Probably one of the better goalies at the 06 (Brick maybe? don't know for sure). they will not stop talking about how good their kid is. So yes it might be true for some, but not all.

No the point holds true. The parents know deep down inside the kid is not elite, no matter how good he is at squirt age, or they wouldn't be chirping. I don't know the kid, I'm just speaking in general terms.

Re: Elite Coaches

Yes he is a E9 goalie not one of the top goalies in the state in his age group... hence the bragging.