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Youth Hockey
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Re: High School Rosters

Warriors seem to be very well represented.

True, but the poster happened to pick schools that were all in the VJW geography. I'm sure there's a similar story to tell in other parts of the state.

Valid. I picked schools and programs where my kids play and others within that proximity where I know parents of players and my kids know other kids.

I am not some nut that hangs out at tryouts and knows the rosters of every youth program.

That's what I figured. If you knew this info for every school in the state you'd probably be on a watch list somewhere. Thanks for the info.

Re: High School Rosters

I guess my point was that we all get hung up on leagues versus programs. At the 04 level and older you should really be looking at where you want to go to high school and where that coach has ties.

Right or wrong, that is how it works.