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Re: South Shore Kingdumb?

u14 going to nationals, 04 going to q, but yeah the kingdom has fallen sorry your kid didn't make the team

Wow 2 birth years in the whole program with winning records! That's astonishing! The Q not that special since teams can pay to play. Hey good luck though!

That's the way this works. Show me any other program where all or the majority of their years are at the top. And I'm betting the program your kid skates st is not one you may point out. Because anyone this scorned with any program has an ax to grind and it's usually not because they were successful when they played at the program the Parents are bashing

Your making it into a conversation that it's not. The original poster says it's not what it used to be and the coaches are a little crazier. Then you wannabe club hockey experts come on and start throwing your weight around. And pointing fingers. However the true results show you only have 2 successful birth years geared around the Q and Nationals. There is generally a lot of turnover to assemble these teams, player poaching etc....

And again, for those bashing, what is the percentage of teams at all age groups on the winning side? How do you judge a successful program? Quite frankly, I don't gauge it by the Q and the Nationals. That is like gauging your program on the success of your Juniors program. Half of the Juniors I hear around the rink don't even speak English. My response was to any parent who comes on bashing an entire program for not having winning teams and coaches getting crazier. A. There is absolutely no way any Parent knows every coach, and if they do they might want to point the crazy finger back at themselves. And B, if you determine success by a winning record, then every year it would be a different organization because kids and coaches shift yearly and records ....I repeat...winning records are NOT an indication of development of players. It is very easy for coaches to keep that first line in for most of the game to get a win. 2-3 players can dominate, especially a the lower levels. We have all seen that happen. That does not mean the rest of the team is being developed.