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Youth Hockey
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Re: Who is right?

Actually your ignorance to the fact that most coaches would take those opportunities to get his or her players learning to pay attention the ENTIRE game, even when on the bench, and you when coach says "change it up", they actually, you know, hop over those boards and go on for their shift while the others are coming off. It's not rocket science. It's not difficult. You don't "Need" an adult to open a freaking door. Kids as young as squirts can do that. Parents like you raising kids like this who cant do a **** thing for themselves is actually what is wrong with this world right now. Hockey isn't about JUST playing and teaching the game of hockey, there is a life lesson in every single sheet of ice. No one should be afraid or concerned because their child has had the opportunity to learn a new aspect of the game they are playing.

Re: Who is right?

Parents are all wrong.