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Re: Coaches without USA hockey certification

The people complaining that certification is a "waste of time" or "the same old thing" are just as guilty as the players who complain about practice and skills being "boring" and "the same old thing all the time"

...and the PLAYERS are actually probably right, since the whiny so-called coaches run the same drills all the time because they really have no workable and new knowledge on what else to do.

Again - the certification is a minimal about of effort and time asked in order to coach some kids - if you simply refuse to, can't, or think you're too smart to do it, then GET OFF THE BENCH - trust me, someone else will be happy to do it - the team will survive without you.

then sign up know it all. Im sure you have the creativity and knowledge to jump in right away and take your benders team to the top. Get out there and show everyone your stuff!