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What is the difference between the Boston Stars and the Boston Jets. I know it is the same org but why different names. Just curious

Re: Stars/Jets

I have a couple of friends who are over there. one friend is Jets, the other Stars. The club is under new management and they seem to be doing a good job. Their skills are still at their core but the new GM who I guess is an branding guy wanted to create two names to identify the two different programs so people would know the difference.

The differences are this.

The Stars are the core program at 3K (2 50 minutes ice and a skills session. Tournaments are not included.

The Jets have their 10 Steps program and dryland included and also have 3 tournaments. Their practices are longer as well (1.5 hours). It's more expensive but you just pay 1 flat fee.

Their U14 team did very well this year, the 2005 team is a very good Tier 2 team and the 2003 is very competitive.

These teams are upper end Tier 2 teams with a focus on player development and skills for kids who want to really work at it end up being a top player in high school. They have some very good players on their top lines and average kids throughout but they get better as the season goes on.

For the Jets, you don't want to go there unless you want to put in a couple years or more to develop.

from what i am told, they are focusing on their core strengths and people are a lot happier over there than they have been in years. My friends say they have good families in the rink if that matters.

If you are interested, you should reach out to them and skate with them and see if you like it.

Re: Stars/Jets

What is the "flat fee" for the Jets

Re: Stars/Jets

a "couple friends" over there. Ok buddy go back to trying to put the lip stick on the pig. No one plays for the stars/jets unless they can't play anywhere else. 2 kids from my town play on the 05 team. Neither have ever made the the top team in town in fact one was a C team player before going to the stars and he still cant skate. go back to town and put the $6k in the bank.

Re: Stars/Jets

When you're a Jet,
You're a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin' day.

Re: Stars/Jets

they won't be c players in a couple of years and it's their choice to do it. if it's not for you, then fine. It's NOT for everyone.

Re: Stars/Jets

$6,600 to play for the Jets

Re: Stars/Jets

$6,600 to play for the Jets

To play tier 2 hockey!?! Much less $$ play on a top ehf or e9 team play high level hockey

Re: Stars/Jets

they won't be c players in a couple of years and it's their choice to do it. if it's not for you, then fine. It's NOT for everyone.

You are right, they may develop into Town B players after a few years of spending that cash ! Now that is development !