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Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

I agree.

And the bulk of the negative comments come from people who either have competing programs (or coach there) OR people that complain about the price and the money they must be making off of hockey. They complain only because they don't have the cash to put their kid into the program or they long for town hockey of 20 years ago where everyone played with their classmates, dad's got to coach and everything was done on a shoestring budget.

If money is the issue, you picked the wrong sport. If you long for neighborhood sports of yesteryear there is no sport left for you.

Actually, the bulk of the negative comments come from people who realize that every year that goes by the Lovell product gets worse and worse and worse. Go to a team skill session or walk ons and compare to what you saw three years ago - not even close. No individual correction or attention and no effort. Usually there are a couple of young guys out there that just line the kids up and send them up and down the ice "go, go, go, go, go, go" for an hour. The edgework drills are gone, the individual attention to stride is gone, the deeking and shooting drills are just blind repetition with no correction,the efficiency and focus has dropped off the map. Massive decline every year but the prices hold or go up. No argument here that Lovell had the best skills going as recently as two years ago but now they are just taking money to say go go go. They have spread themselves too thin already and their product is suffering. The issue with the Generals is that it will push it past the tipping point. These guys seem like they care less and less about the youth teams and the quality of their product. You can say that all the chatter proves that they are doing something right but everyone knows that there is always more chatter when you are screwing up than when you are doing things right. Most happy people are content and quiet, it's the people that feel ripped off or like they have been victimized by a bait and switch that are loud.

Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

Simply and completely false. Anyone with 2 eyes and goes to their will see that this just isn't true.

Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

Sell the Ice, because the Lovell's are never their for anything or any skills. They may know 5 kids by sight and most kids wouldn't know them if they bumped into them. Families pay for the Lovell skills by the Tim and Joe. Instead they get U16 players teaching skills that would rather be elsewhere.

Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

Straight lie and you know it.

Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

My kid plays for JL. His attendance is 50% at best.

Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

And how's your kid doing?

Re: Lovells to Coach the Generals

Fine thanks. Program doesn't deliver what they sell now though. Used too. Not anymore. Got too big. Skills still ok though.